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We understand that every haulage job is unique, and that's why we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We operate a versatile fleet, so we can provide you with the right solution for the job at hand.

From route planning to weather forecasting, we work with you to ensure that your cargo is transported safely, securely and on time, every time.

Our WAHVA accreditation ensures compliance to safety, quality and reliability. 


Operating a quad and dolly combination we can transport a load of up to 52 Tonnes, or downsize to a drop deck to shift those smaller loads. Our drivers come with a wealth of experience and our rigs are equipped to tackle the toughest of dirt roads or long-haul bitumen runs. 


Our in-house Heavy Vehicle Pilot service allows us flexibility to get your load moved when you need it. 

Our fully equipped vehicles and trained drivers are prepared to support the big jobs. This HV Pilot Service holds certification in its own right and is able to be contracted independently.


A reliable and efficient material haulage solution that is designed to ensure maximum safety and productivity. We use advanced technologies to ensure that materials are loaded and unloaded in an efficient and time-saving manner, providing a secure and safe solution for any bulk haulage needs. 


The smallest but toughest of the fleet is our 8 Tonne Hiab body truck. Built for remote collection and delivery, this rig offers ability to self-load a variety of objects with its integrated, certified crane and pallet forks. Also equipped with bi-fold ramps to transport vehicles or smaller machinery with ease. 

This service is perfect for sample bag collections and regular or urgent site deliveries. 


Bulk Water supply to your mine camps, support on a road project, or dust suppression throughout your exploration project. Our Prime Mover and 25,000Lt combination could be the solution. 

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