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At Circle H we thrive on providing a complete suite of services to complement any remote exploration project. With years of experience, a healthy fleet, a team of skilled operators and support staff we are equipped with the resources to deliver efficient and effective solutions. From land clearing, drill site preparation to trenching, grading and excavation, we've got you covered. We understand the requirement for each job to be tailored to the needs of the environment, the client and the specific project, which is why every quote is customised to suit and provide the most cost-effective solution.

Our commitment to safety, quality and timely completion has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner to various industry groups in The Goldfields of WA.


Earthworks on your project site are vital to successful execution, we have hand-picked our machinery to ensure the most effective power, size and capability for remote operations. With various implements and buckets available we can tailor and customise the machine to suit your individual site requirements. Our experience supporting our loyal clients over the years has given us a thorough understanding of the diversity and flexibility needed to succeed. 
From Track, Line and Camp Site Clearing to Drill Pad Prep including Pads and Sumps, Road Maintenance and Drainage we have you covered. 


We only have one chance to restore our environment and its precious landscapes, so trust us have your site returned to a state better than when you found it. 

Our multi-skilled team have engineered various rehabilitation tools with our local terrain mind. Tough, safe and accurate - there isn't a better solution.  While you have our team on site, why not task us with the collection of sample bags, cutting of collars and compliant disposal to round out your requirements.


All machinery available for dry hire are meticulously maintained, versatile, damage free, mine site compliant and equipped with a range of implements to support your desired use. 


Sometimes you just need a helping hand. We offer a variety of services to assist in camp set ups including but not limited to transport and installation of water tanks, generators and buildings. Check out our haulage page for our transport solutions, or give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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